Barbara A. Crothers, DO for the ASC Nominating Committee

Perhaps you’ve never considered being on the ASC Executive Board. After all, you’re not the political type, and it’s probably all based on who you know, isn’t it? On the other hand, you have issues that you’d like your organization to address, and isn’t that the best place to represent those views? It is!

In order to effectively represent the membership of ASC, the ASC Executive Board (EB) should look like the membership of ASC; cytotechnologists and cytopathologists from all facility and practice types. Nominations will open soon for the next Executive Board and we seek a diversity of members.

Becoming a member of the ASC Executive Board is mysterious. You might be surprised to learn that many members of the EB aren’t even quite sure how they ended up on the Board, and at some point in their career, had the same thoughts about it as you have now. Well, let’s set the record straight!

The ASC Executive Board needs members like you to run for the Board. Did you know that some years, the EB has had to actively recruit prospective nominations, even though we have a wealth of qualified members? Might that be because nobody feels qualified to sit on the Board? The qualifications are quite straight forward.

To serve on the Board, you must be a licensed and practicing physician, dentist, or veterinarian; a doctor of science, philosophy or education; a cytopathology fellow; or a cytotechnologist engaged in cytology practice/research/teaching in North America. That’s it! There is no requirement to be a voting member if you are a cytotechnologist. To become an Executive Officer (Vice President, President-Elect, President or Past President), you need to have served at least 2 years on the EB by the time you are to assume office, and have at least one year’s absence from the EB between terms. Not so hard.

What’s more, any member can nominate a candidate, and you may nominate yourself. Would you or someone you know make a good spokesperson for issues you care about? Did you notice a particularly admirable speaker at the last ASC meeting? A call for nominations will go out at the end of December. Please consider nominating yourself or another candidate- no paperwork is required, just the name of a qualified member. Nominations will be compiled and a list generated of potential nominees. The ASC office will contact nominees to gain their consent to run and ask for a curriculum vitae. Candidates will be sent a set of interview questions to answer and a final list of candidates will be assembled by the Nominating Committee.

The selection process does rely, to some degree, on the number of nominations that an individual receives, so feel free to encourage other ASC members to submit nominations on your behalf. And although it isn’t critical to have served on, or chaired an ASC committee, these activities do show interest in supporting the ASC goals. Other activities, such as a being involved in cytology education, serving the community, having a strong management or finance background or other skill set are also valued. The EB seeks to balance its membership so that all spheres of cytopathology are represented. You may be just the person to fill that gap.

Yes, but what about the time commitment? The EB meets twice a year face-to-face, once in conjunction with the ASC annual meeting, and once mid-year. Travel, food and lodging for meetings are reimbursed by the ASC. The ASC staff provides excellent support so that the Board can focus on strategic planning and not be mired down in handling details. Other meetings, as needed, are via conference call and take about an hour.

Still hesitant about applying? Speak to (email, text or tweet) a current or prior EB member and they will be pleased to give you the details of service, along with some words of advice and encouragement. You might be surprised to find- this Board is for you!