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August 27, 2019   

Israh Akhtar, MD

Varsha Manucha, MD

Varsha Manucha, MD and Israh Akhtar, MD
University of Mississippi Medical Center
Jackson, Mississippi

Lung is one of the most common sites for primary and metastatic malignancies and a challenging site to diagnose primary versus a metastatic origin of the tumor on cytology. Pathologic diagnosis of the site of origin of cancer has major implications in the management and staging purposes and may have to be followed by testing for predictive/prognostic markers. The clinical history of a known extrapulmonary primary or the radiologic findings of multiple nodules in the lung is useful in arriving at the right diagnosis, but is not always available. Rarely pulmonary metastasis may be the first manifestation of an extrapulmonary tumor or may even present as a single nodule. The use of immunochemistry facilitates the diagnosis but could be misleading.

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The 2019-2020 Cyto-econference Webinar Series Begins........
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