I have an idea… Dr. Charles Sturgis said to The Foundation Board. Let us develop a ASC Covid-19 Pandemic Relief Gift to all Cytotechnology Students eligible. All they would need to do is to apply. On the application, we asked Why did you choose to become a cytotechnologist? And How will this $250 ASC Pandemic Relief Gift help you in your personal and/or professional life?  Shared below are some of the applicant’s responses.

Nashali Aviles    University of Puerto Rico, Medical Sciences Campus     

As an undergraduate student I always aspired to be part of the health professionals community. Therefore, was convinced that I wanted to become a person capable of diagnosing and improving someone’s quality of life. During my bachelors degree, I took the course Cellular and Molecular Biology, where I discovered my intrigue and fascination about the cell. As the fundamental unit of life, the cell is capable of communicate to us the health state of an individual, serving as a reliable diagnostic tool. As I was able to look forward a profession fulfilling my interests, I discovered Cytology. Even today I am still amazed of how cytotechnologists are able of saving lives through a microscope. The complexity and intellectuality required to pursue this career, and possessing the abilities and competences to provide an accurate diagnosis, led me to want to become a cytotechnologist.             

This ASC Pandemic Relief Gift would help me to cover expenses that I invest during my clinical practice. As a consequence of COVID-19, I had to leave my lodging and return to my house.  The reality is that my hometown is very far away from the laboratories in which I do my clinical practice, so this help would be very useful in the process of traveling about 4 hours daily. Personally, this would be a great relief.


Amanda Bodkin   University of Tennessee Health Science Center

When I originally went to college I was an art major. I have a love for various shapes and hues. This field allows me to put my love of art together with  science to make a difference in peoples lives.  I plan on purchasing study guides to help pass the ASCP boards for both cytology and histology.




Austin Bray   Indiana University Cytotechnology Program

I had a desire to be connected to a network of innovative minds that define not only what the profession looks like today, but how it will function in the future.

The Pandemic Relief can aid me in the costs of the CT board exam, that can aid me in my continuing goal of patient-focused medicine and treatment.