William B. Zeiler, MD FCAP passed away on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at the age of 99. Dr. Zeiler was a visionary and leader in Pathology.  He served as President of the College of American Pathologists and the World Association of the Societies of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, among many other leadership roles.  His generosity to the American Society of Cytopathology helped enable our Society to pursue our missions of promoting education, innovation, advocacy, and professional ethics. Much of Dr. Zeiler’s philanthropy was in memory and honor of his late wife, Geraldine Colby Zeiler, a pioneer cytotechnologist who died in 1990 at the age of 65 of metastatic breast cancer. After her death, Dr. Zeiler established multiple awards and programs in her memory, including awards specifically for cytotechnology students.


The Geraldine Colby Zeiler Scholarship Awards for Cytotechnology students were especially meaningful to Dr. Zeiler as his wife was a cytotechnologist. The awards are funded through the CAP Foundation and administered by the ASC. The purpose of the awards is to stimulate and reward high achievement by cytotechnology students during their training. Awards are based on academic performance and microscopic diagnostic skills, as well as, leadership ability, initiative, acceptance of responsibility, dedication, and collegiality. Since 1994, five outstanding students per year, totaling 125 students, have received the award. Dr. Zeiler was very grateful to the ASC for our role in the thoughtful evaluation and selection of the awardees, and the support that the ASC has afforded to his efforts on behalf of cytotechnology students.


Dr. Zeiler generously donated directly to the ASC Foundation over the years, totaling over $100,000, making him the largest individual contributor to our Society.  He was honored at a special ASC Foundation event held at the Annual ASC Scientific Meeting in Chicago in 2015, where some of you had the opportunity to meet him and his family.


Dr. Zeiler was an innovator, visionary, leader and philanthropist who made many contributions to patient care and to Pathology in his 52 years of practice in Pathology and many leadership roles. The ASC is deeply appreciative of Dr. Zeiler’s philanthropic support, which has helped us fulfill our vision of saving lives one cell at a time, pursue our Society’s vital missions, and serve our patients, global communities, and profession.


Please consider donating to the ASC Foundation in his memory.