The ASC Bulletin is introducing Getting to Know Your ASC Committees in the next few issues. We are highlighting in May’s edition the Clinical Practice Committee, Chaired by Paul VanderLaan, MD and the Nominating Committee, Chaired by Barbara Crothers, DO.

Welcome to The Clinical Practice Committee & the Nominating Committee!

The Clinical Practice Committee, Chair, Dr. Paul VanderLaan monitors changes in healthcare that affect the clinical practice of cytopathology and assists laboratories in responding to these challenges. Many responsibilities fall under this committee.

A few are anticipate and address issues related to new test development, new terminologies, quality improvement, and patient safety that impact cytology laboratory services. As of February, here are some hot topic items the committee’s primary focus at this time is to finish the second manuscript based on the 2019 ASC ROSE Survey. (Part 1 was published in the November/December 2019 issue of JASC, as well as presented as the centerpiece of the JASC Dinner Session at the 2019 ASC Annual Scientific Meeting in Salt Lake City). Dr. Jennifer Sauter is in the process of finalizing the draft for Part 2 , and we hope to have this draft ready soon for the CPC to review before submitting to JASC.

Other activities include preparing an endorsement statement of the Royal College of Pathologists Tissue pathways for diagnostic cytopathology guideline. The Committee will begin working on this in earnest once Part 2 of the ROSE survey paper is complete.

Finally, CPC committee members are working on a survey on Cell Blocks for the ASC membership to complete.


The Nominating Committee, Chair, Dr. Barbara Crothers provides a slate of nominees for Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and the open positions on the Executive Board. Some responsibilities are to promote diversity on the Board by requesting nominations from the membership, ensure that the process of selecting nominees includes scoring and discussion; share scores with the Executive Board when submitting the slate of candidates for approval and then prepare announcements regarding the nomination process and candidates for The ASC Bulletin and other communications.

An update on the committee requested for nominations for the Executive Board, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer was sent to all of the members. The nomination deadline was February 29. Now the committee is working on the next steps in the nomination process.