The ASC Foundation helps support the ASC’s high quality education at Annual Scientific Meetings, with distance learning through webinars and internet-based educational programs, and providing support for cytopathology training programs.

ASC Foundation Grant to Support State and Regional Cytology Organizations

The purpose of this $1,000 grant is to make funds available to State and Regional Organizations (SROs) to use for local continuing education projects. The ASC Foundation grants assist in directly promoting accessible local continuing education for cytology practitioners through SROs.

2018 State and Regional Cytology Organization Grant Awardees

  • Cytology Society of Indiana
  • Minnesota Society of Cytology
  • St. Louis Society of Cytology

The Minnesota Society of Cytology

The Minnesota Society of Cytology has been actively engaged in providing educational conferences for cytopathologists and cytotechnologists in the Midwest to learn about the newest advances in pathology. Our conferences began in the late 1970s and have continued annually since. The 2018 Spring Conference for the Minnesota Society of Cytology was in Rochester, Minnesota, at the Doubletree Hilton on April 12th-13th.

On Friday night, there was one speaker and enough time to meet vendors and socialize with members of the Minnesota Society of Cytology. The next day, there were five speakers, more as time to talk to vendors, a raffle and wine prizes, and additional time to be with our fellow Society members.

Speakers participating in the 2018 Conference were:

  • Michael Levy, MD, a GI physician who discussed Endosonographers Approach to Needle Selection (core versus cytology) as well as Interventional and Therapeutic EUS;
  • Matthew Zarka, MD, a cytopathologist who discussed Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology of Salivary Gland Lesions: A Novel Practical Pattern Based Approach to Diagnoses;
  • Alarice Lowe, MD, a pathologist who discussed Circulating Tumor Cells and Cytology;
  • Rosalind Sharain, MD, a cytopathology resident who discussed selected Cases in Pancreatic EUS-Guided FNA; and
  • Bobbi Pritt, MD, a parasitologist who discussed Cases in Infectious Diseases of Cytopathology.

All speakers performed well and were some of the most interesting speakers we have had.

The Spring Conference for the Minnesota Society of Cytology had about 50 attendees over the course of the weekend. Our evaluations were positive, most loving the food and venue, the speakers and their presentations, as well as the puzzles and socialization throughout the weekend.  

ASC Annual Scientific Meeting Travel Scholarships

The ASC Foundation annually presents ASC Annual Scientific Meeting Travel Scholarships to qualified pathology residents, cytopathology fellows and qualified cytotechnologists who are ASC Members attending for the first time. The $2,000 scholarships defray registration, travel and hotel costs, and include funding for additional sessions and per diem allowance. Here is what they had to say about their experiences at the 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting in Washington, DC.

Cytotechnologists Travel Scholarships

Emily J. Almeter, MS, CT(ASCP)

University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, New York

This amazing opportunity allowed me to present my research, learn about new ideas, make new friends, and create many memories. The poster session included much discussion and constructive criticism to help me improve. It was greatly advantageous for me to be there in person to answer questions.

I enjoyed the additional courses I took. Additionally, I met cytotechnologists from other institutions such as Johns Hopkins Hospital and New York Presbyterian Hospital. Sharing our experiences and describing how work is divided among departments were thought provoking. Finally, I enjoyed the lecture on musical creativity and found it to be very interesting.

Lynsey Behning, BS, CT(ASCP)

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, Illinois

I was honored to receive one of the travel scholarships for the 2018 annual conference. This meeting provided a lot of new information on the direction cytopathology is heading and its future role in pathology in general. As a cytotechnologist who is still relatively new to the field, I took advantage of all of the different types of sessions provided.

This meeting gave me numerous opportunities to meet and network with many other cytology professionals. It was inspiring to see the many people who have made significant contributions to the field, which encouraged me to learn how to become more involved with the ASC. 

Karen Cormier, BSc, CT(ASCP)

Diagnostic Services Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Attending the ASC Annual Scientific Meeting in Washington, DC was an exciting opportunity. I was able to attend information sessions on current and upcoming advances in cytopathology as well as listen to and learn from some of the most respected, premier leaders in our field. 

The ASC Meeting is unique in that it focuses on cytopathology, giving those of us in the field an opportunity to expand our knowledge base and delve into current research and advancements. The numerous poster abstracts gave me many interesting and exciting ideas to implement in my public system here in Canada. The abstracts are a great way to learn about research that others are doing. The platform presentations were interesting and informative. I especially enjoyed the 100 Years of Color lecture and gained insight on current and future practices. The Shark Tank was a great addition to encouraging creative research and cutting-edge advancements in the field of cytopathology.

Thank you to the ASC Foundation for granting me this opportunity to learn and grow in this dynamic field of cytopathology.

Erika Patricia Escalante Pompilla, BS

Cervicusco, Cusco, Peru

I would like to express my gratitude to the American Society of Cytopathology for giving me the opportunity to participate as a speaker in such a prestigious scientific event held in Washington, DC.

I was able to listen and learn about the new Strategies of the Cytotechnology Education, and the importance in the timely prevention for the detection of premalignant lesions and cancer as well as the role played by the professionals in their different fields of action and the plans to improve these strategies in the future. All the sessions I attended were illustrative with very interesting and innovative audiovisual material for professional practice, as well as high-level speakers of a multidisciplinary team of professionals including medical specialists (Pathologists, Cytotechnologists, Radiologists, etc.).

It is necessary to mention that in my particular case as a professional of the Cytology Area, I have been developing the Telepathology service in the city of Cusco, Peru together with an outstanding group of Pathologists from different cities of the United States. Through this platform, we shared the impact of this project on the women of this region with the audience present at the 66th Annual Scientific Meeting. The experience was undoubtedly unforgettable, and I am proud that I could represent CerviCusco, which is a strategic place for many health professionals to learn about our work and enjoy the wonders that this city contains.

Iris Juan, BSc, CT(ASCP)

UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco, California

I really enjoyed my experience as a recipient of the ASC Foundation’s Travel Scholarship for the 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting in DC.

It was a great opportunity to network with my peers in cytotechnology, sharing ideas and inspiring one another more easily. I attended many sessions and learned so much. It was a rewarding experience to represent UCSF in a space with like-minded people.

I enjoyed participating at a conference that includes pathologists and cytotechnologists. I think it is important to support each other especially if we want to stay relevant in this fast changing field.  I liked discovering new innovative products and services offered, which may help make our workplace better.

I am thankful to be part of the ASC community!

Jillian M. Schook, MS, CT(ASCP)

New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, New York

I want to thank the ASC for providing this amazing scholarship. Upon arriving to the meeting, I had a rush of excitement to learn, meet new people, and see old friends. The first seminar I attended was Strategies in Cytopathology Education. I found this interactive seminar exceptionally helpful as I prepare for a future role as a Cytopathology fellowship program coordinator.

I had a poster presentation and was pleased to hear the positive reactions to our work on validating immunocytochemical stains on cytology cell blocks. I participated in the Pancreatobiliary Cytology and Biopsies Microscopic Workshop, where I gained valuable information to share and use in everyday practice.

Erin C. Smith, MB, CT(ASCP)CM

UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco, California

I am very appreciative that the ASC supported my trip to the 2018 conference in Washington, DC.  The supportive atmosphere created by my cytology colleagues that allowed me to push myself to try new things struck me. For example, this was the first year I was a presenter. I had done extensive research for my presentation on cytology stains; however, I was a little nervous about how the complete lecture would be received by my colleagues. I was surprised by the friendly supportive group of attendees and overall, the experience was very positive. 

I am excited about the opportunity to be an educator, and I look forward to being more engaged with the Society in the future.

Fellows and Residents Travel Scholarships

Derek Allison, MD

The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland

It was my pleasure to attend the 2018 ASC Annual Scientific Meeting in Washington, DC and an honor to receive the ASC Foundation’s Travel Scholarship. At this meeting, I was able to expand  my knowledge in the field of cytopathology, showcase my research and obtain insightful feedback, and make lasting relationships with other trainees and faculty. One of my favorite experiences from this year’s meeting was the “speed mentoring” session. During this event, we were split into small groups and spent time speaking with four sets of faculty mentors. Each discussion had a theme and each discussion was shaped by the questions and concerns of the participants. One of the things that made this experience so special to me was the people I met in my group, who were also cytopathology fellows at other institutions. Although we were from vastly different areas of the country, we had many shared experiences and continued our discussions together long after the session had ended. I am already looking forward to the meeting next year and cannot wait to enhance my professional and personal relationships with the amazing people who comprise our Society. 

Rachel Jug, MD

Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

I am extremely grateful for having received the ASC Foundation Resident and Fellow Travel Scholarship, which enabled me to attend the American Society of Cytopathology 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting in Washington, DC. I thoroughly enjoyed last year’s meeting in Phoenix and was excited by the opportunity to attend a subsequent meeting to avail myself of the high caliber lectures and invaluable networking opportunities. It was especially important for me to attend this year since I joined the ASC eJournal Committee and had the opportunity to meet my co-committee members during the Meeting . Additionally, my abstract (Pilot Evaluation of 19-gauge Needle Endobronchial Ultrasound-guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration of Mediastinal and Hilar Lymph Nodes in Lung Cancer Patients) was accepted for poster presentation; therefore, I was thankful to have the opportunity to present my work and to get feedback on my project from cytopathologists and cytotechnologists. This year’s speed mentoring session was helpful and interactive with experts who were enthusiastic to share career advice. Finally, the Cytology Shark Tank presentation was highly entertaining, inspiring, and taught me how to propose large-scale projects for grant funding.

Vincenzo L’Imperio MD

Ospedale San Gerardo, Monza, Italy

Participating in the ASC Annual Meeting has been an exciting experience that allowed me to meet many of the (cyto)pathologists that, day-by-day, change the way we do this work. I had the opportunity to meet all who collaborated with me for the #EBUSTwitter study on the social media platform; this was amazing. It was also a fantastic opportunity for me to become up-to-date with the most relevant novelties in the field of pancreatic, salivary gland and thyroid cytopathology, receiving information directly from authors I regularly follow in scientific literature. Moreover, I established some interesting and promising relationships with American residents of my same post-graduation year, which could be an ideal starting point for future collaborations. Finally, it was a pleasure to exhibit my work during the poster/oral presentation sessions and an honor to be one of the five recipients of the travel award, being the only Italian to be awarded.

Kelsey McHugh, MD

Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Lakewood, Ohio

The American Society of Cytopathology’s 2018 66th Annual Scientific Meeting was a tremendous experience that offered an opportunity for me to grow in knowledge, experience, and visibility as a trainee within the cytopathology community. One of my favorite experiences at the Meeting was the opportunity to volunteer my time in exchange for a discounted registration and access to any courses. Sitting in front of session doors, talking with attendees as they approached, and helping those wandering the halls to find their way was a fun way to meet people and exchange pleasantries. In addition to volunteering, the ability to present an academic poster amongst many other trainees and practicing pathologists and technologists was a fun and engaging way to discuss patient care, diagnostic dilemmas, and institutional trends while bonding over shared experiences and learning from others’ insights. An additional perk to my Annual Scientific Meeting experience was the ability to don a name tag with the “Scholarship Recipient” ribbon, which afforded many opportunities for me to meet past years’ recipients and hear about other’s experiences with the ASC. It was an excellent talking point and many people approached me to do just that: discuss the generosity of the ASC in their offering of a scholarship to help defray costs for trainees. I am forever thankful for another fun year at the ASC filled with growth, both knowledge-based and through an ever-expanding ‘network’ of friends within the profession. 

Zhongbo Yang MD

University of Miami/Jackson Health System, Miami, Florida

I was so grateful and honored to be awarded the ASC Travel Scholarship for the 66th Annual Scientific Meeting in Washington DC!

Attending the Meeting gave me an excellent opportunity to display and discuss with others my research project at the poster presentation. Talking to some of the experts and peers gave me more ideas and direction for the future research. At this Meeting, I gained up-to-date knowledge and skills in diagnostic cytology as well as molecular pathology by attending Platform Presentations, Video Microscopy Tutorials, and the Diagnostic Cytology Seminar among others. Lastly, I was very excited to see some of my old friends and colleagues as well as meet some new friends in the field of cytopathology at the social events.

This was my third time attending the ASC Annual Scientific Meeting, it was another wonderful experience again in Washington DC and I look forward to the Meeting in Salt Lake City!