Leigh Ann Cahill, MD, The ASC Bulletin Editor

Due to the ever-increasing growth in molecular anatomic pathology, Dr. Dabbs has authored the fifth edition of Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry with emphasis on theranostic and genomic applications.  The author states that this book is meant to serve as a diagnostic and theranostic reference for pathologists and other health care professionals with each chapter designed as a stand-alone work.  Dr. Dabbs has collaborated with 39 other professionals in researching and writing this edition.

The techniques of immunohistochemistry are provided in chapter 1 with topics ranging from basic principles to quality control and standardization to the future direction of IHC.  Chapter 2 delves into molecular anatomic pathology looking at general principles of molecular biology, genetic polymorphism and mutations along with various other molecular topics. Chapters 3 through 23 discuss the immunohistochemistry of various disease processes and body sites ranging from infectious diseases to the immunohistochemistry of pediatric neoplasms.  Each of the chapters provides key diagnostic points, tables illustrating positivity/negativity of specific antibodies and illustrative images depicting staining properties of various antibodies.  The final chapter of the book discusses imaging and quantitative immunohistochemistry.  The various imaging systems are highlighted along with software algorithms, strengths and limitations as well as how these systems can be used in the clinical settings.

This book is extremely well researched and written with an abundance of useful information.  The author and contributors have provided information in each chapter regarding “drug-able targets” where applicable.  When you first look at the book, it can appear very daunting but each chapter provides various key diagnostic points and tables showing the antibody positivity or negativity for a specific disease process, which allows for a quick reference in case one does not have the time to read through the specific chapter.

David J. Dabbs, MD
Elsevier, 5th Edition, 2019
ISBN 9780323477321
944 pages, 1450 color illustrations
Print & eBook, $349.99