February 2019

Welcome back to the ASC Cytopathology Program Directors’ Communicator

This issue represents our sixth year, and the first online edition of the Communicator.  For those of you who attended the Strategies in Cytopathology Education Session at the ASC Annual Scientific Meeting, we hope you enjoyed two fantastic sessions.  In this edition, we start with two great recaps of these sessions.

First, Kristen Atkins highlights some key points from the session she and Heather Barnes led on feedback. Check out Making Feedback Fun (or at least less painful) for everyone.

Next, Elizabeth Morency discusses the ACGME self-study process in An (accreditation mandated) Time for Reflection: The ACGME Self-study Process and Tips for Success (and survival!).

In Cell Talks News, the latest Cell Talks awardee is announced.

Finally, in this edition of Innovative Practices in Cytopathology Education, Sara Monaco and Juan Xing discuss the University of Pittsburgh’s innovative use of Quantitative Measures of Performance during Cytopathology Fellowship.

Paul N. Staats, MD is the Cytopathology Fellowship Progam Director at the University Maryland Medical Center.