Clinical Cytopathology: Fundamental Principles and Practice (Third edition), by Ibrahim Ramzy, Dina Mody, and Rodolfo Laucirica, is a comprehensive cytopathology textbook that links all aspects of diagnostic cytopathology with pertinent clinical information. The book consists of 848 pages and more than 1,500 color images. It can be found as hardcover or as electronic/ kindle edition.

The book is organized in nine parts. Part 1 consists of five chapters that review the basic principles of cytopathology. It begins with a historical background followed by a review of the cytomorphology of benign and malignant cells, in addition to the description of common sampling techniques. Within Parts 2 to 8, the authors dive into the world of diagnostic cytopathology using an easy, clear and succinct style, complemented by informative tables and flow charts. Each chapter includes a description of organ-specific sampling techniques, normal cellular components as well as benign, reactive, inflammatory and neoplastic conditions. The text includes high quality images that beautifully represent most of the described entities and effectively guide the reader through the diagnostic process.

The last part (Part 9), includes six chapters addressing specialized ancillary techniques and automation in the cytopathology laboratory. The last chapter is dedicated to quality assessment and improvement in cytopathology and discusses issues that are critical for optimal performance and safety topics within the laboratory.

Overall, I found this book suitable, comprehensive but easy to read, and packed with many new developments in the field. The book is an excellent resource, to be used as a review of general cytopathology as well as a consultation book. This book will definitely be of great value to all professionals involved in the art of diagnostic cytopathology.

Marilin Rosa, MD, FCAP, The ASC Bulletin Editorial Board
Moffitt Cancer Center
Tampa, Florida