Barbara A. Crothers, DO
Chair, Nominating Committee

The ASC Nominating Committee has selected an outstanding group of nominees for the ASC Executive Board positions for the coming year.  The ASC Executive Board has approved the slate of candidates, and complete biographical sketches will be emailed to ASC voting members. The online Executive Board ballot will open on August 24, 2020 and close September 30, 2020.  All voting members will receive notice when the online voting ballots are available. Keep an eye out for information about and comments from the candidates on the ASC website and Twitter so that you become familiar with the candidates prior to voting.

The Nominating Committee, in accordance with the ethics of the ASC, strives to provide a balanced representation of the ASC Membership through the selection process.  However, you may wish to nominate a different candidate. The ASC Bylaws provide the opportunity for additional nominees to be proposed through a petition process.  In order for an eligible member of the Society to appear on the ballot of candidates for Executive Board positions, certain criteria must be met. The potential candidate must be a member in good standing, at least 5% of the voting membership must sign the nomination petition, and the petition must be returned to the ASC National Office no later than August 1. 2020.  Please contact the National Office for more information.

Over 65 nominations for Executive Board positions were evaluated by the Nominating Committee in 2020.   The evaluation includes a two-tier process of selecting candidates for the Executive Board.  The first step is a “scoring system” that focuses on simple objective criteria of service to the ASC, including committee membership, leadership, teaching, and other ASC activities. Committee participation and chair positions can receive unlimited points, while other activities are capped after reaching a certain level. Nominees are asked to complete a standard set of questions. These questions focus on goals in running for office, challenges faced by the ASC, and previous experience that would be helpful for a board member. The nominees include many of these interview responses in their respective statements included in the ballot.

The Nominating Committee members discuss the pool of candidates and their detailed responses to the questions. Qualities that are considered key to senior leadership responsibilities of the ASC are also considered, including professional experience and expertise, previous ASC leadership roles, interpersonal skills, philosophic alignment with the mission and values of the ASC, and leadership potential for the future growth and success of the ASC. The Nominating Committee forwards the proposed slate to the Executive Board for final approval. Individuals nominated but not selected for the slate are informed about the ability to be placed on the slate by a petition procedure.

The Nominating Committee members for 2020 are Barbara A. Crothers, DO, Chair, Maria A. Friedlander, MPA CT(ASCP)CMIAC, Sana O. Tabbara, MD, Syed Z. Ali, MD FIAC, Edmund S. Cibas, MD, Sandra N. Giroux, MS SCT(ASCP)CFIAC, and A. Janie Roberson, BS SCT(ASCP)CM.

The results of the election will be announced during the virtual ASC Business Meeting, November 7, 2020, during the 68th Annual Scientific Meeting – virtual.


 Candidates for the Office of Vice-President


David F. Chhieng, MD, MBA
University of Washington
Seattle, WA






Liron Pantanowitz, MD
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI




Candidate for Office of the Secretary Treasurer


Amy C. Clayton, MD
Mayo Clinic and Foundation
Rochester, MN




Candidates for Executive Board

Medical Members


Ronald Balassanian, MD
University of California, San Francisco
San Francisco, CA





Deborah J. Chute, MD
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland, OH





Andrew H. Fischer, MD
University of Massachusetts Memorial Healthcare
Worcester, MA




Oscar Lin, MD, PhD
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
New York, NY





Cytotechnologist Member


Susan A. Alperstein, MS, CT(ASCP)
New York Presbyterian Hospital
New York, NY






Joe W. Walker, Jr., MS, SCT(ASCP)
Rutland Regional Medical Center
Rutland, VT