The ASC 67th Annual Scientific Meeting was held at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah, November 14th through 17th.  The Meeting Program began on Thursday and ran through Sunday, with inspiring and challenging scientific sessions accompanied by a professionally and entertainingly presented Diagnostic Cytology Seminar, microscopic tutorials, workshops, panel luncheon seminars, roundtable discussions, and social events.  The ASC Awards Presentation preceded the ASC Foundation Golden Spike Gala on Saturday evening, the final full day of the Meeting where all Foundation contributors and distinguished awardees were honored.  All at the Gala enjoyed a fun night of dinner, dancing and camaraderie.

ASC Achievement Awards                            

The Papanicolaou Award was established in 1958 and is the highest award given by the American Society of Cytopathology.   It is presented annually to a physician or PhD member in recognition of meritorious contributions in the field of cytology. This year the Papanicolaou Award recipient is Mary R. Schwartz, MD, who serves as Director of Anatomic Pathology and the Surgical Pathology Fellowship at Houston Methodist Hospital and is a Clinical Professor of Pathology at Baylor University.

The Cytotechnologist Award for Outstanding Achievement is presented annually to an ASC Cytotechnologist member in recognition of meritorious service or accomplishments to the field of cytology. This year’s recipient is Lynnette Savaloja Pineault, MBA, SCT(ASCP), who is Anatomic Pathology Operations Supervisor at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The Excellence in Education Award is presented annually to a cytotechnologist or pathologist in recognition of meritorious service or accomplishment in the field of cytology education to include the education of cytotechnologists, pathology residents and/or cytopathology fellows. The recipient of the Award is Eva M. Wojcik, MD who is Chair of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and endowed Professor of Pathology and Urology at Loyola University Medical Center.

The ASC President’s Award is presented annually to an ASC member.  Selection of recipients is at the discretion of the current ASC President, Dr. Syed Z. Ali, who chose Frances H. Burroughs, SCT(ASCP)IAC as the 2019 recipient.  Ms. Burroughs attended the Hopkins School of Cytotechnology and “never left” until her retirement in May 2013; however, she continues to serve as the Managing Editor of the Journal of the American Society of Cytopathology.  Unfortunately, Ms. Burroughs was unable to attend the Meeting this year.

International Achievement Award

New in 2019, the International Achievement Award is awarded to a cytopathologist or cytotechnologist who has transcended geographical boundaries and contributed significantly to cytopathology education and research.  The award honors individuals with leadership roles at an international level and are respected for their collaborative and organizational excellence in promoting the profession globally.  The first recipient of the Award is Philippe R. Vielh, MD, PhD who works at the Laboratoire National de Santé (Dudelange, Luxembourg) where he is deputy director of Pathology and in charge of Cytopathology.

Worldvision Cytology Contest

The Worldvision Cytology Contest (WCC), new this year, was designed as an opportunity for scientific exchange in the International Cytology Community.  Three finalists participated in a Cytology Presentation Competition with prepared videos followed by their presentations, which were streamed around the world.  The winner was determined by a panel of judges based on the scientific content, presentation style and skills, and confidence when handling questions at the end of the presentation.


The recipient of the 2019 Worldvision Cytology Contest is Elena Vigliar, MD, PhD for her presentation, Breast Seroma, A Challenging Cytological Diagnosis.  Dr. Vigliar works at the Department of Public Health at the University of Naples Federico II in Italy.

Bernard Naylor Excellence in Cytomorphology Award

The ASC announced this new award for 2019 in memory of Dr. Bernard Naylor.  The Bernard Naylor Excellence in Cytomorphology Award addresses a morphologic constituency that is not served by current ASC awards.  The Award highlights one of the most important skills in the field of cytology practice, morphology observation. 

The 2019 Award is for A BAFfling Liver Aspirate:  Metastatic High Grade SMARCA4 Deficient Undifferentiated Gastroesophageal Junction Carcinoma Masquerading as a Hemotylymphoid Malignancy.

First Author:  Ayse Irem Kilic, MD
Kamran Mirza, MD, PhD, Swati Mehrotra, MD, Stefan E. Pambuccian, MD

2019 ASC Poster and Platform Award Recipients 

Quality Improvement in Cytology Award, established in 2019, recognizes Quality Improvement (QI) projects designed to improve quality in cytopathology practice. The award is given for those projects that demonstrate innovative and forward-thinking approaches to current Cytology practices, as well as measurable and replicable improvement.

Platform 22

Cell-Free DNA from Supernatant as an Alternative Source for Molecular Diagnostics on Cytology Specimens

First Author:  Marie Perrone, MD
Rebeca Alvarez, MD, Tawnie Vo, CT(ASCP), Moon-Wook Chung, MB(ASCP), David Chhieng, MD, Eric Konnick, MD, MS, Eric Huang, MD, PhD
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

The Geno Saccomanno, MD New Frontiers in Cytology Award, established in 1993, is presented to an ASC member who is not nominated for another abstract award.  The paper should contribute to a better understanding of cell biology or enhanced diagnosis and show significant innovation, good study design and potential diagnostic utility. 

Platform 17
Can Cytology and Thyroid Imaging, Reporting, and Data System (TI-RAD) Identify Noninvasive Follicular Thyroid Neoplasm with Papillary-like Nuclear Features (NIFTP) before Surgery?

Author:  Grace C.H. Yang, MD, FIAC
Weill Cornell Medicine-New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York, New York

The Advances in Thyroid Cytology Award, established in 2014, recognizes the abstract presentation that best contributes to the knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases using FNA and/or ancillary techniques.  This award is supported by an educational grant from Thyroid Cytopathology Partners in Austin, Texas.

Platform 19
Raman Spectroscopy is a Novel Approach in Evaluating Thyroid Nodules

First Author:  Eric Huang, MD, PhD1
Marcos Soares de Oliveira, PhD2, Michael Campbell, MD2, James Chan, PhD2
University of Washington1, Seattle, Washington; University of California, Davis2, Sacramento, California

The Cytotechnologist Scientific Presentation Award, established in 1969, is presented to the cytotechnologist or cytotechnology student enrolled in a CAAHEP-accredited Cytotechnology Program who presents the best scientific paper in cytology for either a platform or poster session. 

Platform 5
Eye Tracking in Cytotechnology Education: “Visualizing” Students Becoming Experts

First Author:  Maheswari Mukherjee, PhD, MSc, BPT, CT(ASCP)1
Amber Donnelly, PhD, MPH, SCT(ASCP)1, Blake Rose, BS, CT(ASCP)1, David Warren, PhD1, Elizabeth Lyden, MS1, Nikolaos Chantziantoniou, BSc, ART(CSMLS), CFIAC2, Brian Dimmitt, BS3, Karyn Varley, MS, SCT(ASCP)4, Liron Pantanowitz, MD4
University of Nebraska Medical Center1, Omaha, Nebraska; Sidra Medicine2, Doha, State of Qatar; Carle Foundation Hospital3, Urbana, Illinois; University of Pittsburgh Medical Center4, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Warren R. Lang, MD Resident Physician Award, established in 1978, is presented annually to recognize the resident or fellow in an approved training program who submits the best scientific paper in cytology for either a platform or a poster session.

Platform 6
Cytomorphological Findings of Cervical Papanicolaou Smears from Female-to-Male (FTM) Transgender Patients on Testosterone Therapy

First Author:  Michael Williams, MD, MSc
Vinita Kukkar, MD, Melissa Stemmer, MBA, CT(ASCP), Kamal Khurana, MD
SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, New York

As is traditional, at the end of the Awards Ceremony, the incoming President, Daniel F. I. Kurtycz, MD, was escorted to the podium by Ritu Nayar, MD and Diane D. Davey, MD.

67th Annual Scientific Meeting Video:

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