Leigh Ann Cahill B.S., CT(ASCP)CMIAC
Editor, ASC Bulletin

When Dr. Kurtycz asked if I would take over the role of ASC Bulletin Editor, all I could think of were the many talented individuals who have filled this role up to now and I know I have some big shoes to fill.  Some of these individuals are Jamie Covell, Michael Thrall, Donna Russell and Brenda Sweeney to name a few.   Brenda has just stepped down as the editor and she did a tremendous job.  I would like welcome Jaime Rice on board as the ASC staff liaison as Debby Sheldon retired the end of December.  I know the previous editors would agree with me in saying what an asset Debby was in keeping us on track.   Jaime and I both have some big shoes to fill but we are up for the challenge.  I look forward to working with the editorial board.

The ASC Bulletin is the newsletter for our Society.  It is one mode of communication with our membership.  I found an old copy of the bulletin from 1995.  At this time, the Bulletin was printed in black and white and mailed to ASC members via US Postal Service.  Before the internet age, it was the primary means of communication for the society other than specific items that were mailed separately.  The ASC continued to mail the Bulletin to the members after the internet and email became prominent modes of communication.  The ASC finally switched the delivery of the Bulletin to online, which provides for the ability to house more articles without restrictions due to publishing costs.

The ASC Bulletin Editorial Board wants to see the Bulletin provide interesting and timely information to you the members.  We are going to work with the ASC committees for input to keep you abreast of what the committees are working on where applicable.  We will continue to provide book reviews and case studies along with working with the ASC Executive Board for information they need to provide.  If there are topics that you would like addressed, please contact either Jaime Rice or myself.

On behalf of the ASC Editorial Board, I look forward to working with everyone to make the ASC Bulletin a valuable newsletter for our membership.